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2020 Latest Interior Design Trends in Kerala

2020 Latest Interior Design Trends in Kerala
March 28, 2020 Cyfer
latest interior design trends in Kerala

Get ready to transform your dream home into an innovative living space. Design trends change every year, we have seen a huge array of design trends every year. While entering the new decade, plan some unique interior styles for your dream construction. Kerala is a picturesque destination with plenty of marvelous constructions. Ready to buy a house or planning for a major renovation, then check for the latest interior design trends in Kerala.

Authentic Kerala style homes are airy and spacious with a rustic look. As usual with the advancement of changing lifestyle and technology, architects consider new interior design trends for perfect construction.

Have a look at the latest interior design trends in Kerala that may create magical constructions in the upcoming year 2020.

Neutral color choice

Latest home design trends believe in neutral color choice. Most of the modern architects prefer neutral color shades combined with dark furnishings. The color trends are modified according to the user’s perspective, where they can select colors that provide a great positive vibe and comfortable living. Modern day interior designs still follow such color combinations for vibrant buildings. The neutral colors can be done in gradient style or self-colored patterns using solid colors. Dark-on-dark is a rare combination, which gives a gloomy outlook. In such case, choose the right furnishings and décor items for a bright look.

Alluring cooking space

Kitchen determines the entire beauty of construction. Most of the architects prefer traditional Kerala style interior design for the kitchen. But, according to the latest advancements kitchens have a unique combination of both modern art and few traditional elements. Modular kitchen is popular among builders and it’s a comfortable choice for users. Apart from choosing a single-colored cooking space, now-a-days people prefer colored cabinetry, patterned flooring and dynamic stone counters for a modern cooking space. Step out from the usual kitchen ideas and incorporate the new interior trends from top-rated architects or builders.

interior design trends

Comfortable and Spacious Living room

Latest decorating trends focus on designing a spacious living room. While designing a living room, think about the key aspects like space, color combo, furniture, and accessories. New design trends include the strategic use of carpets and furniture for a balanced environment. Select a unique color scheme for walls, create some exciting textures with tiles or bricks, and finally, get the right furnishings for a relaxed living space. There are plenty of simple living room designs in Kerala available in your desired budget and quality. Most of the modern living rooms sit between minimal designs utilizing the energy of classic designs. It’s not clustered but looks elegant with skillful decoration and special accessories such as designer seating or lighting.

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Cozy Bedroom Space

In recent years, there has been a great emphasis on personal ideas and style requirements. Bedrooms are usually designed according to the requirements of the user. Most of them prefer simple bedroom interior design in Kerala. Get a cozy room style to pull off your complete stress and wake up fresh for a brand new day. Get the right ventilation in every portion of your room. The latest interior design trends focus on creating fresh space, free of mold and mildew. It’s essential to have well-ventilated spaces to prevent extreme humidity and rain. Get the right furnishing, like furniture in matching style with bedroom interiors, curtains, and other accessories too.

Central courtyard and stairs

Traditional Kerala style interior design has a central courtyard or Nadumuttam. Modern day architecture gives a makeover to the traditional courtyard with the installation of a small indoor garden and seating options. It’s a quick indoor relaxation space with gravel flooring and cemented path. It’s a great idea for spacious homes.

Stairs make up the crucial part of Kerala style interior design. Staircase renders the final touch to any construction. Ensure comfortable, unique and friendly stairs for people of all ages. Modern stairs include installation of railings, unique color schemes, usage of decorative materials, and other such things.

Kerala style interior design is incomplete without wood furnishing. Most of them prefer wood furnishing and wood décor for years. The latest interior design trends in Kerala focus on look and comfort. Be careful in choosing the color scheme and focus on building your dreamland with great positive vibes.

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