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How does it feel to enjoy a hot cup of tea on your balcony gazing at the lush and feeling our blissful existence? The feeling is something that cannot be explained. Because it’s the home that makes you feel special and we Keralites like it that way – simple, natural and unassuming.

It is not just the land but the culture and heritage that has made Kerala “God’s own country”. People of Kerala are so attached to their tradition and culture that they are not ready to give up at any cost. Taking all these into consideration, we have worked hard to provide international standards of living in a lush green setting with traditional architecture and modern engineering. We are an organization of zealous engineers, architects and professionals, rich in experience and highly committed, which has helped the group to sustain excellence for more than 4 decades.

Kottayam – The land of letters!

Kottayam is one of the leading districts of Kerala in the field of mass communication, education and culture. It is indeed a veritable treasure trove of the rich culture and heritage that Kerala carries in her heart, in its finest and most appealing form. CJS Haritha has put all of these nature’s blessings in the right use. We have encapsulated all your expectations in its finest form to build a handful of good projects of apartments in Kottayam. The green, the lush, the comfort and the tranquillity.

Serenity is what we provide!

We have completed some beautiful projects in the heart of the city for our clients who were very clear about what they want. All our locations are peculiar as they are all away from the loud and hurly-burly city but at the same time near to banks, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, libraries, hotels etc.
We have signed up for some new villa projects in Kottayam recently and our upcoming project is Twin Tower in Carithas, Kottayam which is going to be a visual treat.

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