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    Use our EMI Calculator to calculate your Equated Monthly Installment for your custom loan amount, interest rate, tenure. You can also specify if the payments are going to be calculated on a monthly or annual reducing balance.

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    Equated Monthly Installment(EMI) 

    The Loan Eligibility Calculator below helps you assess the Loan Amount you are eligible for.

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    Co-Applicants Gross Monthly Income :   

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    Interest Rate (in %) :   

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    EMI :

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    Convert your property measurements to/from a variety of units used in different parts of Kerala using our handy Area Conversion Calculator.


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    General Tips

    Loan Providers have various schemes for you to opt from to suit your particular need and the whole process quite hassle-free. Maximum loan amount with long term easy installments can be arranged for both NRIs and NROs with the minimum amount of fuss.

    Following is a general list of documents for sanctioning a loan amount by a Housing Finance Company. However, there may be variations/additions for every individual companies.

    • Passport size photograph of applicant/s
    • Copy of passport and visa
    • Copy of work permit
    • Bank statement for the last six months, both international (in which the salary is credited) and a domestic NRE account.
    • Copy of Labor card or Identity card if employed in Middle East.
    • General Power of Attorney as per the bank's draft, duly attested by the Indian Consulate, in case NRI is not in India. If the NRI is in India, the POA can be locally notarized by a Notary Public.
    • Copy of appointment letter or Contract.
    • Salary certificate specifying Name, Date of joining, Designation, Salary details and deductions, if any or salary slips of the last four months.(If translated, need to be attested by the Embassy)
    • Administration fee cheque from NRE accounts (0.5% of the loan amount).
    • Foreign citizen of Indian origin should have PIO or OCI card
    • Copy of pan card

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